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Carpe all the Diems in Spain

My husband Allen and I had planned a trip to Europe in 2020, to depart on March 23 on to Italy. I meticulously planned our itinerary, keeping an eye on the news. My concern grew, until thankfully, the cruise was canceled two days before departure. We didn’t anticipate the pandemic becoming what it is and figured it would soon end——definitely not the case.

Two years later, we are excited to visit Europe now, exploring in the mornings and working in the afternoons. Since my goal is to keep these blog posts rather short, I can summarize our days by saying we’re humbled by the age of what we experience… the buildings, art, streets, places of worship.

Spending a night in Cuenca, Spain (home of the “hanging houses), we discovered an exhibition called “The Comedy of Art” by Pablo Helguera at the fabulous Museo de Arte Abstracto Español. We appreciated Helguera’s sense of humor, and how it ties together our experiences with the old works with our current times.

While there’s so much to see and do when exploring new cities and countries, for me, it always comes back to the importance of telling stories and passing along our heritage. Already on my travels, I’m doing my best to find those stories, but it’s easy to see that so many go untold.

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