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How to sell more copies of your memoir

There is one goal you need to keep your eye on when positioning your memoir for sale: make others care.

As this is a ginormous topic that has been expertly covered by massive numbers of professionals, allow us to list a number of questions to get you thinking about ways to get others to care.

When answering these questions, consider groups, podcasts, social media influencers, journalism, websites, etc. that would be interested in knowing more about you:

1. What sets you apart? (A characteristic? An event? A series of events? Your sexuality? What are your spiritual beliefs? Who you’re related to? Is there an aspect of your personality that is unique or remarkable?)
For example, you are a survivor of a cult.
2. Where do you live? (Are there groups related to any of the above that are location-based?)
For example, you have juicy stories to tell about life in Fancy City.
3. What do you do for a living? (Are there groups that specialize in your field?)
For example, you’re an athlete.
4. Where do others like you congregate? (Online, in person)
For example, you struggle with addiction.
5. What kind of lifestyle do you live?
For example, you’re in an open relationship.
6. What is your age group?
For example, you have knowledge to pass on to the younger generation or share with a similar generation.
7. Which networks are you already a member of?
For example, in the business world you belong to groups that would relate to your story.
8. What do you do in your spare time?
For example, your story would appeal to the fitness world.
9. Who are your friends and family?
For example, do you have a large network of people willing to spread the word?
10. What struggles have you overcome?
For example, have you overcome abuse, trauma, religious oppression, health challenges?

Now it’s time to do your research. Find out where your people are. Contact them and let them know you can provide content for their group, podcast, social media page, event, etc. Let them know you’ve written a story and you want to share your experiences with their audience.

Good luck!

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