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Should I write my own memoir?

The quick answer is no.

Unless you’re a professional writer.

The most important step in writing a memoir will differentiate the story everyone has inside them from a professionally written memoir: hire other professionals to do what they do best.

Start the process by imagining your memoir, thinking of the draft you will prepare as the fun part of planning a memoir. It’s where you get to present your ideas about how you think your story will progress. Think is the key word, as you will undoubtedly make some changes along the way.

Consider this mental draft a rough sketch of how you plan your story to be. Don’t be afraid to dream: your draft is your private playground where no bullies exist, and you will win every game, run the fastest, and be chosen first for every team. This is your field of victory, so be wild, go big and lay it all out there.

Next, hire professionals to fine-tune your work of art, including:

Developmental/content editor
Line editor
Cover designer

Each professional on the list above specializes in their field. They know best how to design and package the material that makes up your life story. Chances are that you’ll only write your memoir once, so you may as well go for it and hire the best.

We are happy to write your book for you—soup to nuts—or provide the specific professionals above as needed. Reach out and let us see how we can be of service!Partner-With-Birthright-Books-To-Write-Your-Story-Your-Way

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