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Want to tell your story

in your voice

with your words?


We've been at this for years. Let us help you write your best-teller.



Choosing a writer for your legacy is a once-in-a-lifetime decision. 

When you partner with Birthright Books, you are engaging a team of noted writers and editors actively curated by a seasoned and award-winning memoirist, Marlayna Glynn.

Maybe you don't have the time or writing skills to professionally document your history and accomplishments for your personal community. Yet your story is unique, and your experiences should not go unremembered.

At Birthright Books, we specialize in memoir, biography, legacy, and heirloom—we don't write anything else. We're dedicated to the art of personal storytelling.


We broker a complete suite of services to tell your story including ghostwriting, editing, cover design, and publishing.  


Spend an hour or two a week with your writer, and discover how effortless our process is. Within a few months,  you will hold in your hands an expertly crafted story with a beautiful cover to share with your family, friends, and business colleagues. 

Whether you are publishing privately for your family and heirs or using your book as a marketing lead generator for speaking gigs, attracting clients, or creating influence, you will be proud to distribute your heirloom to the hands of others.



To put it simply, Marlayna is the best.

She takes your thoughts, feelings, and words and brings them to life.

She is magically talented.

Working with her challenged me and lifted me to places I didn’t think I could reach.

She will forever hold a place in my heart.


I have always fancied myself a quite competent writer in my professional career with high standards when it comes to the written language, and in my organization I always stress good skillful communication both verbal and written.


We accomplished what I hoped to achieve, and I could not be more satisfied with our result.


My editor was an awesome editor and extremely helpful to help me take my book across the finish line.


Couldn't have done it without him!

I started working with Birthright Books in 2017. From the moment we had our first Skype meeting I knew my writerwas going to be able to deliver exactly what I needed.


His communication was consistent and excellent!

His work was delivered on time and of a quality that is exceptional, he really went the extra mile for my project and treated it like it was one of his own publications!


I loved every minute of working with my writer and would highly recommend his work to anyone looking to use his services.

My writer has been extremely helpful! She pays attention to all details and is super efficient in delivering work and sticking to deadlines.


She is passionate about the project and did everything she could to deliver the best result. I couldn't have asked for a better editor.


Would definitely work with her again and highly recommend her to anyone.


Marlayna was amazing to work with and I will absolutely hire her again in the future. I hired Marlayna as a writer/editor for my Amazon ebook. She is a gifted writer and nailed the tone I was looking for.

Additionally, she conducted research needed to support certain scientific assertions in the book. 


Marlayna is so easy to work with, does not fluster easily and remains professional at all times. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her. Marlayna remained 100% enthusiastic throughout this entire process which was greatly appreciated. I can't say enough about how great of an experience it was to work with her.




Our writer was an absolute joy to work with! She became personally invested in the story of my father from the very beginning, and won over the family's trust very quickly.  Not an easy feat with any family!  We could not have had a better fit.  Thank you so much for making this project possible and bringing joy to our family and to many generations ahead.


When you’re searching for a way to preserve your voice, history, and ethos, nothing is as effective as a book.

You can represent yourself exactly as you'd like to be remembered.


Your words.


Your way.


Each Birthright Book is welcomed as a beloved addition to our author's families to be cherished for generations.


Learn more about our process and how we can help you achieve your goals by clicking that blue button.


Let's chat.

Our free consultation includes​ getting to know you and understanding your goals in telling your story. 


We know you have lots of questions, so you'll learn how to find your ideal writer for your project. 


You'll fully understand the start to finish process of crafting your story from the initial interview to holding your book in your hand.

You can expect to understand our pricing strategy during this call so you can move forward with all the necessary information.

Let's search.

Once we agree to work together, next we will conduct the search for the perfect member of our team.


We will rate your perfect matches to prepare a variety of choices for you to interview.

You can expect a timely turnaround during this search. Within one week, you will be learning all about your potential writers.

Let's shortlist.


Once we've curated the best matches for your publishing goals, we will present you with our list of top writers or editors for your project.


You can expect to learn more by reading the resumes, and evaluating writing samples and credentials. 


After you've narrowed down your choices, we will set up interview calls with your choices.

Let's roll.


Once you've chosen your ideal writing or editing partner, we draw up an agreement, and an NDA, and will handle the project billing and paperwork in house.


You and your writer are free to concentrate on writing and designing your book.


We are available during the time of your engagement for questions, concerns, and troubleshooting of any nature. Our fee is a percentage of the value of the contract.


What does Birthright Books do?


Founded in 2017 by an award-winning writer, Birthright Books helps you write and publish memoirs and autobiographies. (We can also edit completed, or mostly completed, memoirs.) Through a simple process of weekly one hour interviews via Zoom or written, our writers turn your wisdom into your legacy and heirloom for friends, family, and business colleagues. 

Which types of books can you help me write?


Birthright Books is devoted specifically to the memoir, legacy, and heirloom genres. We welcome your personal story including the following sub-genres:

  • Public, celebrity, athletic, political figure  

  • Legacy/heirloom/ancestral  

  • Personal or portrait 

  • Trial or triumph 

  • Trainwreck/misery lit  

  • Coming-of-age  

  • Spiritual quest/travel/adventure  

  • Escape from religious extremism

  • Addiction/recovery  

What's the difference between Birthright Books and other "hybrid" publishers?

We're glad you asked. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money—yours or ours. We work only with authors who wish to tell their personal and/or business story. Our process works because we are passionate about ensuring that our authors clearly understand how books are written and published. We brag a 100% satisfaction rate!

Why is it so important that I work directly with my writer and not an interviewer?

Writers know what to ask because they are the ones recording your story. Relying upon their years of experience crafting books, they are your front line to ensure they learn everything they can from you about your life. Hourly paid interviewers are not writers and do not know to ask the right questions.  

What are legacy and heirloom books?

Your story is uniquely yours. We invite you to control your narrative by telling your stories your way so that your family, friends, and heirs "inherit" all of your valuable tales, memories, and lessons in a type of book that's called a legacy or heirloom piece.


What's the difference between a memoir and an autobiography?


A memoir is a skilled form of story-telling based on fact:

  • Is about an aspect, theme, event, or choice  

  • Can start or end anywhere 

  • Is personal, not entirely factual

  • Can be written by anyone, famous or not

An autobiography is factual:

  • Details an entire life

  • Starts at the beginning and progresses chronologically to the end

  • Historical, factual and date-specific

  • Usually about famous people.


Can you promise me a best-seller?


Don’t be fooled by any publisher who promises to write a “best-seller” for you—it’s a racket. Here’s a link to Scribe’s Tucker Max who does the best job ever of explaining the best-seller list fallacy.


Who is the author of my book if you write it?


You are the author of your book, and it is written entirely in your voice from interviews with you. You provide all content in your book. Once the interviews with your writer are complete, they will write your story into a book with your name on the cover that you can hold in your hand and pass along to friends and family.  


How long does the book writing process take from start to finish?


We can go just as fast as you please. If you meet with your writer one to two times per week, we can promise to deliver a written, edited, and published book within 6 months. But you can go slower if you need to—it's up to you.


Will I get an advance or royalties?


No, you will not get an advance but you will own 100% of the royalties for your book.  



Marlayna Glynn

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We live and breathe memoir, so we have a variety of writers and editors on our team to suit every budget.