Your Wisdom

Your Legacy

Your Heirloom

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Your Wisdom

Your Legacy

Your Heirloom

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Our industry experts will design your story
in your voice with your words

We’ve been helping clients tell their stories for years.
Let us write your best-teller with you for your audience.

Specialized Ghostwriting Team

Choosing your writer and publisher for your legacy is a once-in-a-lifetime decision. When you partner with Birthright Books, you are engaging a diverse team of experienced writers actively curated by a seasoned and award-winning memoirist.

Personalized Editing Approach

Maybe you don’t have the time or professional skills to document your history and accomplishments for your personal community. Yet your story is unique, and your experiences should not go unremembered or poorly written. We tailor our craftsmanship to meet your publishing goals—as we are experts at rewriting history.

Interior And Cover Design

Besides your words, the design of your book is an art unto itself. Allow our artists to represent you and your words in exactly the way you have always imagined. As a thumbnail image on a computer screen, your cover should be able to grab your reader’s attention and prepare them for their reading journey.

Publishing Possibilities

Whether you are publishing privately for your family and heirs, or using your book as a marketing lead generator for speaking gigs, attracting clients, or creating influence, we will help you distribute your heirloom to the hands of others.

We Specialize in Memoir

Birthright Books is known in the industry as a boutique publisher, a fancy way for saying we specialize in a single subject area: memoir. The primary benefit of working with us is that we provide a greater level of expertise to meet our niche market share. That’s why when choosing a writer for your legacy, you make the right choice by hiring a Birthright Books specialist.

Anybody can write a book, but you want to be sure it’s the right book for you. We specialize in memoir, biography, legacy, and heirloom—we write nothing else. We are passionate about and dedicated to the art of personal storytelling. We offer a complete suite of services to bring your story forth, including ghostwriting, editing, cover design, and publishing.

In a crowded industry overrun with choices and questionable levels of skill, we are proud of our history in offering a successful book writing process with a 100% client satisfaction rate. We provide a tailored, seamless experience for you while offering the best in talent, expertise and professionalism. Reach out today to learn how we can turn your wisdom into your legacy and heirloom for your friends, family, business colleagues, and the reading public.


The Best Writers for Your Best-Teller

When Marlayna Glynn wrote her first memoir in the 2000s, the publishing market hadn’t yet embraced unagented authors’ When the self-publishing industry took to the stratosphere, Marlayna was ready and her memoir, Overlay: One Girl’s Life in 1970s Las Vegas, became an instant best-seller. Winning the coveted Indie Book Awards medal for Overcoming Adversity, Overlay remained on the bestseller list for years. Marlayna’s books have sold upwards of one million copies to date and as of 2021, Marlayna has written over 60 books.

Birthright Books was born from Marlayna’s seasoned experience in realizing that working with a memoirist is a deeply intimate professional relationship. When sharing your wins and losses, special moments, and life-altering experiences, you must feel free to share your personal stories. We do not use interviewers, as we believe that the relationship you build with your writer is the crux of your book’s success. That’s why we carefully match writers and clients to ensure that our client’s safety, trust, and vulnerability matches our writer’s skill, instinct, and talent. There is no one-size-fits-all in the writing industry, and Birthright Books is a perfect representation of Marlayna’s gift for hiring and matchmaking.

You will spend an hour or two per week with your writer and discover how effortless our process is. Within a few months of conversational interviews, you will hold in your hands an expertly crafted story with a beautiful cover to share with your family, friends, and business colleagues.

​Whether you are publishing privately for your family and heirs or using your book as a marketing lead generator for speaking gigs, attracting clients, or creating influence, you will be proud to distribute your heirloom to the hands of others.








Why choose Birthright Books?

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How We Do What We Do

We’re obsessed with memoir, biography, legacy, and heirloom—we write nothing else. We’re dedicated to the art of personal storytelling. Trust us, it’s an art. So how does the process work?

let's Chat


Our free consultation includes​​ getting to know you and understanding your goals in telling your story. We know you will have lots of questions, so you’ll learn about our process in helping you match your ideal writer to your project. You’ll fully understand the start to finish process of crafting your story from the initial interview to marveling at your book in your hands. You can expect to understand our pricing strategy during this call so you can move forward with all the necessary information.

Let's Search


Once we agree to work together, we will reach out to our team of writers ideally suited for your type of project. Our team has specialized training that includes legal, medical, and trauma-informed education. Our writers work with subjects including:

  • Public, celebrity, athletic, political figure
  • Legacy/heirloom/ancestral
  • Personal or portrait
  • Trial or triumph
  • Trainwreck/misery lit
  • Coming-of-age
  • Spiritual quest/travel/adventure
  • Escape from religious extremism
  • Addiction/recovery

Let's Shortlist


You can expect a timely turnaround during our search. Once we’ve curated the best matches for your publishing goals, we will present you with our list of top writers or editors for your project. Within one week, you will learn all about your potential writers and decide who you would like to speak with.

You can expect to learn about them by reading resumes and evaluating writing samples and credentials. After you’ve narrowed down your choices (and we are happy to help you do so!), you will be ready to set up interview calls with your choices.

Let's Roll


Once you’ve chosen your ideal writing or editing partner, we draw up an agreement, and an NDA, and will handle the project billing and paperwork in house. You and your writer are free to concentrate on writing and designing your book. We are available during the time of your engagement for questions, concerns, and troubleshooting of any nature.


Your Cover Is Next

When you’re searching for a way to preserve your voice, history and ethos, nothing is as effective as a book.

You can represent youeself exactly as you’d like to be remembered.

Your words.

Your way.

Each Birthright Book is welcomed as a beloved addition to our authors’ families to be cherished for generations.


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