Marlayna Glynn

Marlayna Glynn is a distinguished storyteller recognized for her extensive contributions to literature, film, and photography, with a commendable collection of awards across multiple disciplines. Her prolific output includes the authorship and editorial direction of 75+ published works, encompassing memoirs, biographies, thrillers, and business education texts. Marlayna’s academic background, with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Master of Science in Human Services, has enriched her capacity to observe and articulate the human condition, affirming her status as a leading voice in the art of memoir writing.

Beyond her literary endeavors, Marlayna is deeply committed to leveraging her narrative skills toward fostering healing and promoting mental health. Her dedication is evidenced by her active volunteer work, including her role as a keynote speaker for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and her valuable contributions as a board member of the Rape Crisis Center in San Antonio. Her professional and philanthropic activities underscore a steadfast dedication to enhancing the well-being of others through the power of storytelling. Marlayna is committed to changing the world, one memoir at a time.







Our writer

Autumn Jade Monroe

Autumn Jade Monroe is an award-winning ghostwriter and bestselling substantive editor living in Nashville, TN. She specializes in memoir and personal development writing. With a background in psychology, she believes in the healing power of storytelling. She is devoted to helping authors in the trauma community find their voices and put their experiences on the page. Outside of ghostwriting, Autumn Jade can be found teaching hip-hop dance at the local community center or in the art studio, sipping wine, and working on her latest mixed media creation

Our writer

Asher Brown

Asher embodies the essence of versatility as both a writer and actor, effortlessly transitioning between the spotlight of the stage and the world of personal storytelling. His role as a dedicated freelancer involves crafting memoirs with a unique flair, transforming ordinary narratives into captivating tales through his keen eye for detail and context. Asher’s talent in creative writing has been recognized with awards during his academic years, and his exceptional ability to inspire change was highlighted when he was selected as a national ambassador for change within the US public school system from among thousands of candidates. Outside of his creative pursuits, Asher is an avid traveler, runner, and mixed martial arts (MMA) enthusiast, dedicating his free time to exploring new places, staying fit, and honing his skills in MMA.

Our writer

Ryder L. Brown

Ryder is a multifaceted professional, seamlessly blending his expertise in personal health, data analysis, and writing. With a talent for navigating through extensive data sets, he excels in distilling complex information into clear, accessible prose. Ryder is entrusted with the critical task of deciphering and reworking our most intricate transcripts, showcasing his exceptional ability to clarify and engage. Outside of his professional realm, Ryder finds harmony in his passion for the outdoors, embarking on trail rides, embracing rigorous gym sessions, and immersing himself in the rich world of books. Name a book—Ryder’s read it.

Our Writers and Editors

We are honored to network with a diverse variety of writers and editors with unparalleled skill sets. You can expect to choose from qualified experts that include film, business, editorial, legal, judicial, therapeutic, and newspaper journalism experience. Aside from educational and experiential training, our writers further specialize in stories around trauma, the military, religious experiences and more. We believe in pairing our clients with a writer who truly gets them.

We don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money—yours or ours. We work only with authors who wish to tell their personal and/or business story. Our process works because we are passionate about ensuring that our authors clearly understand how books are written and published.

​It’s important to know that you will work directly with your writer and not an interviewer. Writers know what to ask because they are invested in writing your story. Relying upon their years of experience crafting books, they are your front line to ensure they learn everything they can from you about your life. Hourly paid interviewers are not writers and do not know to ask the right questions.

What are legacy and heirloom books?

Your story is uniquely yours. We invite you to control your narrative by telling your stories your way so that your family, friends, and heirs “inherit” all of your valuable tales, memories, and lessons in a type of book that’s called a legacy or heirloom piece.


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