Marlayna Glynn

Marlayna Glynn is a storyteller on page, film, and photography and is proud to have won multiple awards across various disciplines. Her published journey includes writing and editing 60+ books that span the genres of memoir, biography, thriller and business education. Marlayna’s life experience, Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Master of Science in Human Services have enhanced her remarkable gift in observing and recording the human experience. She is a true and dedicated advocate for the art of memoir.

Helping others heal is a fulcrum behind Marlayna’s love for story and good mental health. She is a prolific volunteer, having been honored as a keynote speaker for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and serving as a board member of the Rape Crisis Center in San Antonio.







Our writer

Autumn Jade Monroe

Autumn Jade Monroe is an award-winning ghostwriter and bestselling substantive editor living in Nashville, TN. She specializes in memoir and personal development writing. With a background in psychology, she believes in the healing power of storytelling. She is devoted to helping authors in the trauma community find their voices and put their experiences on the page. Outside of ghostwriting, Autumn Jade can be found teaching hip-hop dance at the local community center or in the art studio, sipping wine, and working on her latest mixed media creation

Our writer

Asher Brown

Asher is a multi-talented writer and actor. When he’s not on stage or in front of a camera, he’s penning memoirs for our clients. As a busy freelancer, Asher specializes in bringing a regular narrative to life, adding detail and context that makes a story pop. He won creative writing awards in school and was chosen from thousands of young people to be a national ambassador for change in the US public school system. When he’s not creating, you can find Asher traveling, running, and training in MMA.

Our writer

Lessie Schrider Kauzlarich

Lessie (she/her) is a freelance writer, editor, and professional educator with a bachelor’s degree in writing and a master’s degree in counseling. With over a decade of experience in education and mental health spaces where individualization is key, meeting clients where they are is a foundational value of her creative collaborations. Lessie’s blended background and skills culminate in a sharp eye for detail and a feel for feel—helping authors take their stories from work-in-progress to work of art. Lessie specializes in memoir and personal development manuscripts centering on mental health, trauma, and transformation. She’s collaborated with people from all walks of life, from therapists to musicians, first responders, corporate professionals, influencers, to her fellow professional writers—her guiding principles are connection, creativity, and intention. When she’s not working on someone else’s narrative or stringing together her own, she reads, sings along to musical soundtracks, runs, plans her next trip, or removes pet hair from her clothes.

Our Writers and Editors

We are honored to network with a diverse variety of writers and editors with unparalleled skill sets. You can expect to choose from qualified experts that include film, business, editorial, legal, judicial, therapeutic, and newspaper journalism experience. Aside from educational and experiential training, our writers further specialize in stories around trauma, the military, religious experiences and more. We believe in pairing our clients with a writer who truly gets them.

We don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money—yours or ours. We work only with authors who wish to tell their personal and/or business story. Our process works because we are passionate about ensuring that our authors clearly understand how books are written and published.

​It’s important to know that you will work directly with your writer and not an interviewer. Writers know what to ask because they are invested in writing your story. Relying upon their years of experience crafting books, they are your front line to ensure they learn everything they can from you about your life. Hourly paid interviewers are not writers and do not know to ask the right questions.

What are legacy and heirloom books?

Your story is uniquely yours. We invite you to control your narrative by telling your stories your way so that your family, friends, and heirs “inherit” all of your valuable tales, memories, and lessons in a type of book that’s called a legacy or heirloom piece.


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