About Us

About Us

We Specialize in Memoir

In a crowded industry overrun with choices and questionable levels of skill, we are proud of our history in offering a successful book writing process with a 100% client satisfaction rate. We provide a tailored, seamless experience for you while offering the best in talent, expertise and professionalism. Reach out today to learn how we can turn your wisdom into your legacy and heirloom for your friends, family, business colleagues, and the reading public.

About Us

What does Birthright Books do?

Birthright Books is devoted specifically to the memoir, legacy, and heirloom genres. We welcome your personal story including the following sub-genres:

  • Public, celebrity, athletic, political figure
  • Coming-of-age
  • Legacy/heirloom/ancestral
  • Spiritual quest/travel/adventure
  • Personal or portrait
  • Escape from religious extremism
  • Trial or triumph
  • Addiction/recovery
  • Trainwreck/misery lit

We provide a complete suite of services to tell your story, including.

Specialized Ghostwriting Team

Choosing a writer for your legacy is a once-in-a-lifetime decision. When you partner with Birthright Books, you are engaging a diverse team of experienced writers actively curated by a seasoned and award-winning memoirist.

Personalized Editing Approach

Maybe you don’t have the time or professional skills to edit your history and accomplishments for your personal community. Yet your story is unique, and your experiences should not go unremembered or poorly documented. We tailor our editing to meet your publishing goals as we are experts at rewriting history.

Interior And Cover Design

Aside from the words, the design of your book is an art unto itself. Allow our artists to represent you and your words in exactly the way you have always imagined. Even as a thumbnail image on a computer screen, your cover should grab your reader’s attention and prepare them for their reading journey.


Whether you are publishing privately for your family and heirs, or using your book as a marketing lead generator for speaking gigs, attracting clients, or creating influence, we will help you distribute your heirloom to the hands of others.

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