Control your narrative.

When you’re searching for a way to preserve your voice, history, and ethos, nothing is as effective as a book.

You can represent yourself exactly as you’d like to be remembered.

Your words.

Your way.

Each Birthright Book is welcomed as a beloved addition to our authors’ families to be cherished for generations.

Work closely with your selected team of experts who know how to spin your narrative into a tale by which you’ll be remembered. We’ll capture your unique voice and turn of phrase for your readers to cherish forever.

Short and Sweet Package

We interview you for the content, we do the writing, editing and publishing.
For 3 months

Mid Range Package

We interview you for more extensive content, we do the writing, editing and publishing.
For 6 Months
$19,800 Total

Professional Package

We interview you for all the content, we do the writing, editing and publishing.
For 10 months
$50,000 Total

Select Ghostwriting Package

You get a bestselling writer and a customized process to fit your needs.
Custom Payment Plan
Custom Price




Our client, Gerry Tucci, gifts his book to former
president of Costa Rica Luis Guillermo Solís.

Our Recommendation

If you believe you have a story worth sharing but feel uneasy about the daunting process of writing a book, call Marlayna Glynn today. I knew I had a compelling story to share, but I didn’t have the time to write the book without a partner. Marlayna became that partner and quickly surpassed all of my expectations. One year later, I became a best-selling author and have sold over one thousand copies of my first published book: From Running Back To Giving Back: A Lineage of Civil Advocacy.

Marlayna is exceptionally flexible and accommodating, and she takes the time to understand you and the story you want to tell before she starts helping with the writing process. I am proud of the finished product of our book, and I am sure Marlayna will be a lifelong friend. You can trust Marlayna will surpass your expectations as well. Give her a call!

There’s no telling how far your story will travel.

Birthright Books is known in the industry as a boutique publishing house because we specialized in a single subject area: memoir. The significant benefit of working with us is that we provide a greater level of expertise to meet our niche market share. That’s why when choosing a writer for your legacy, you make the right choice when you choose Birthright Books.


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